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The Room. The greatest worst film ever made. Ten years on from its release, it continues to grow in cult popularity, and there are more and more articles, interviews and tributes appearing all the time. This is an attempt to list all of the resources currently available online for The Room. I’m sure it’s not comprehensive so please use the comments to suggest additions.

NB. My personal recommendations are marked in bold.

Official Websites

Reference Resources

Deleted Scenes

Fansites and Tributes

Articles and Reviews


Tommy Wiseau (Johnny)

Greg Sestero (Mark)

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero together

Juliette Danielle (Lisa)

Philip Haldiman (Denny)

Greg Ellery (Steven)

Mladen Milicevic (composer)


  • Proudly Resents (27/04/11) interview with Sandy Schklair, who claims to be the real director of The Room


Cast and Crew

Tommy Wiseau (Johnny)

Greg Sestero (Mark)

The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell

  • Greg Sestero and journalist Tom Bissell have written a book about the making of The Room called The Disaster Artist. It is utterly brilliant and a must-read for any serious The Room fan.
  • Official website of the book, including links to many interviews with Sestero specifically about the book.

Juliette Danielle (Lisa)

Philip Haldiman (Denny)

Robyn Paris (Michelle)

Dan Janjigian (Chris-R)

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