About Tom Bell

A grumpy contrarian who likes a good rant. Generally interested in anything I don’t know about. And the more I find out about things, the more I realise how much more there is to know.

Professionally, an ex-Army officer trying to find something interesting that people will pay me for.

Everything else you can work out from the blog.

About Tom Bell Dot Net

Once described as “the most synergistic accomplishment of our time”, Tom Bell Dot Net in its heydey contained games, artwork and assorted ephemera and juvenilia. Since about 2006 most of that was swept away, leaving just the Hate List, a longstanding series of bite-sized rants, and its derivatives. As of 2013, the site is transformed into a WordPress blog. The Hate List is still here, and I may even re-post a few items from the original site.

Other blog posts will range from full articles to short snippets, and be about whatever happens to take my interest at the time, so it’s unlikely to develop any kind of thematic focus… or audience.

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  1. Tom – it’s John and Sandy from the Varanasi train. Love the blog – keep up the witty dialogue and safe travels….

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