Fourth day in Delhi: the inevitable

The fourth day in Delhi was fairly uneventful. I’d been intending to go to Moradabad and stay with a couchsurfer to break the journey to Nainital, but he wasn’t responding to calls and texts, so I decided to go directly to Nainital the following day instead. Also, having spent the first few days hovering around a healthy 3-5, I plummeted to a 7, combined with a mild stomach ache. So I spent the morning in, feeling sorry for myself. By the afternoon I was a bit better, and went to meet another CS, Tanveer, who is from Srinagar in Kashmir, but studies photography in Delhi and works in a hotel on Connaught Place. We sat in the cool, air-conditioned lobby of his hotel and looked at his photos of Srinagar and other places in Kashmir. It all looks very beautiful. He kindly offered to let me stay with his family if I go to Srinagar.

In the evening, we went out to visit some family friends, and discussed travel plans. Apparently the Valley of Flowers is closed due to the monsoon floods. I was strongly urged to consider going to Leh, riding there from Manali then across to Srinagar, completing a loop via Jammu and Amritsar.

2 thoughts on “Fourth day in Delhi: the inevitable

  1. Hi
    Hope u feeling better. Now met Hina ( GP), yday, who gave me 2 phone nos. sending it to u by mail. Her uncle is very keen to meet u or at least ring him up.
    Leh Ladakh …..very adventurous !!!!!
    Srinagar is really beautiful though.

    • Yes, Leh might be a bit of a stretch. I’ll ask around in Manali, see what the roads and conditions are like, and if there are any motorcycle groups making the trip. I definitely won’t be doing it solo… that’s just silly!

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