Patterns of India (Part 5: Miscellaneous)

While travelling in India, I became fascinated with the variety of patterns in its architecture. Historically, they’re mostly a legacy of the Sultanates and the Mughal Empire, and Islam’s tradition of non-figurative art. But interesting patterns can also be found in Jain, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and modern architecture, and also in natural forms.

These galleries collects all the photographs of patterns I took during my visit. I’m releasing these into the public domain. They are far from comprehensive, and others can be found in various places such as Wikimedia Commons.

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Part 2: Agra and Fatehpur Sikri
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Part 5: Miscellaneous


Harmandir Sahib

A gold painted relief pattern on the Golden Temple of Amritsar


Bibi Ka Maqbara

A bit of decorative plasterwork on the poor man’s Taj Mahal


Lakshmana Temple

Typical Hindu temple patterns


A couple of interesting doors in the abandoned city of Orchha


Some Mughal-influenced patterns in the stonework of the magnificent Gwalior Fort


Some swirly decoration on an object in the Mathura Museum


Colourful ghat steps on the banks of the Ganges in Hinduism’s holiest city


Geometric design at one of Buddhism’s four holiest sites


Bara Imambara

Multi-layered cornicing in a huge Shia shrine


Chowpatty Beach

Jumbled tetrapods form a breakwater on Bombay’s beach

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