Response to Creationist 10

10. “I believe in the Big Bang Theory… God said it and BANG it happened!”

Other commentators have suggested that 10 is describing a belief in deism, the idea that god is an unknowable, ineffable entity who created the universe but who has not interfered since – and therefore cannot be the personal god of Judaism, Christianity, or any other revealed religion. Her mention of the “Big Bang Theory” and the phrase, “it happened” do seem to suggest some concept of deism or theistic evolution in which god set the fuse on the Big Bang, and then left “it”, ie the entire subsequent history of the universe, to happen as science understands it.

However, that seems unlikely, given that she’s at a creationist debate, supporting a man whose entire worldview is based on the revealed scriptures of Christianity. Much more likely, she’s trying to say that she believes in the same revealed religion, flood-casting and sacrifice-demanding god and young earth creationist cosmology as Ken Ham, but she’s expressed it in a confusing way. Even more likely still, she’s repeating a creationist witticism she’s heard from someone else.

There’s not much I can say about 10. Maybe I’ve exhausted myself with the effort of pretending 9 was a genuinely curious and well-intentioned student of science. 10 just isn’t trying. The best I can do is conclude that 10 is even dimmer than 9, and hit her limitation of learning in her very first science class.

The problem with really thick people is that they won’t accept that they’re really thick, and admit that since almost every other person they ever talk to is more intelligent than them, if there’s anything they disagree about, it’s probably themselves who are wrong. Solving that problem has been one of the eternal dilemmas of human civilisation.

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